Blog Love: Bicocacolors

Es gibt so viele ganz zauberhafte Blogs, bei denen für mich jeder Besuch einfach nur Inspiration und Freude pur bedeutet. BICOCACOLORS ist defintiv einer von ihnen. Elenas Blog war einer der Ersten überhaupt, denen ich quasi erlegen bin. Immer wieder bin ich total fasziniert von ihrem grandiosen Blick für Formen, Farben, Materialien, Strukturen, Grafik, Geometrie, Linien, Licht und Schatten. 

Und da Elenas Blog ein Fotoblog ist und ihre Bilder eine wundervolle und starke Sprache sprechen, bedarf es auch nicht vieler weiterer Worte, außer vielleicht dieser hier: schaut unbedingt auf ihrem Blog vorbei und seht die Welt (für ein paar Augenblicke) mit ihren Augen - sie ist wunderschön, faszinierend, überraschend ...

all images by Elena Nuez 
curation and composing (except N° 2) by Lysann Werner


  1. OMG, Lysann you have done an amazing work!!! loooooove your sensitivity and taste in the pictures selection and combinination is just great!, I have no words, am excited!
    Thank you also for your kind words that encourage me a lot!

    Thanks again and again,

    1. Elena, my dear, THANK YOU for lovely words and I'm very happy, that you loooove what I choosed!
      It was just pure joy looking around your blog with all these beautiful, beautiful pictures. I had quite a tough time selecting but a few ;)

      Warm Hugs to you all the way down to Spain.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I always love looking at all of your picks, Lysann....what a beautiful blend!

    1. Thank you so much for your visit and your lovely comment, Danie!
      Elena's pictures are just gorgeous, indeed and so I couldn't resist featuuring them ;)

      Will head over to your blog now, which btw is one of my daily reads. I really love your artwork!

      Lysann x

  3. Wow! Thanks for sharing this lovely blog! Are the images there all hers ... she is a photographer, or? There's just not much info on her profile...


    1. Hi Holly,

      indeed, all photos there are hers. They are just great and so beautiful, aren't they?
      Elena is very lovely lady and a designer, who also loves taking photos :)


  4. I really like theese pictures - the colours, the moods- fantastic!
    Thank U for sharing :O)
    /Louise E.

  5. ooo, great blog love, thanks for the share!
    x kat

  6. Lysann dear hello!

    I absolutely more than love Elena's pictures + the way you put them together is simply a form of art itself. So nice of you to introduce us to her work. Thank you, I can see why you love visiting her. And yes indeed so often pictures just tell the whole story by themselves.

    Sending you warm wishes for a lovely new month ahead :*) xx

    1. Iro, my dear,

      thanks for droping by and leaving this lovely comment. I was happy finding it right now :)

      Elena just has an superb eye for graphics and colours ... thought you all should know her and her beautiful pics, just in case you didn't already. It was a very interesting process picking only a few from her huge range of pics and putting them together for a new 'story'. It was such a big joy, trying to figure out the essence of each image and to pair with a great partner. I so love doing that!

      Warmest wishes back to you. Have a lovely new month, too. :*) xx

  7. Thanks for your generous comments over at my blog Wabi Sabi. And yes, bicocacolors is tremendously talented. Yoou never get tired of her work. Happy Easter! /Lisbeth

  8. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and will happily follow.
    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great easter weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

  9. These images of Elena's are fabulous and love the way you put them together...happily following your blog!!

  10. Stunning! Such a great mix of colors and textures...very nice.

  11. Wow wow wow! These photos are incredibly beautiful! I particularly love the dark moody shot of the beach in the last pic!

  12. great images! Happy Friday to you, Lysann



  13. wow! such gorgeous textures and photos!



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